This course has been a good 360 degree learning Experience. At Age of 45 I fell much younger after completion of EPGDBM. Also made lot of young friends from various departments which in turn will benefit in Different project executions in future.

Rajul Mathur

General Manager JLR Project, TATA JLR Pune Operations

The EPGDBM course has helped me transform from being just a manager into a more involved professional. It has helped me
- Take on challenges as an opportunity
- Focus on the big picture while balancing the intricacies and nuances
- Able to take decisions after looking at the holistic - financial, engineering, technical, logistical etc.
- Converting people management from an art form into a wonderful process
I recommend it as a rite of passage for working professional.

Sulakshan Mandke

Vehicle Engineering Manager – Electric Vehicles, Engineering Research Center, Tata Motors, Pune

They say there is no place like home, I agree, and I found another one in SCCE!
The course in itself was as interesting as it was challenging, and I will sorely miss each and every moment spent in the classroom. The pedagogy and discourse were designed to ensure maximum learning in the simplest possible way, with each teacher providing a strong connect to the real world through examples. The overall experience was exemplary, and keeps me wanting to go back for more!
Most importantly, I call SCCE my second home is because of the team there. They take on multiple roles, those of friends, parents, peers and competent authority alike, fulfilling the silliest requests at times while saying a strict “NO” at other times.
Hence I say, “there is no place like SCCE”; where the amount of simplified learning tends toward infinity!!

Aditya Dhavale


The  EPGDM program by SCCE  is well designed that has  foundation of  basic MBA subjects like Marketing management , operations    and contemporary subjects  like Business Analytics , Innovation management  .All of the faculty members are experts  of High repute within academic arena or  have dual experience (Academia + Industry) that makes learning more relevant  . Each subjects have marked assignments that needs a lot of research that adds to your knowledge and learning through exploration . The planning , coordination ,communication ,follow-up  throughout the course from SCCE touchpoints  is excellent –something that industry needs to learn !.  EPGDBM Program with SCCE is one of the life events that has not only changed me as a professional but also as an individual  and have widened my horizon.

Paritosh Dhondiyal


Its indeed an great honour and enriching learning experience with sense of satisfaction to have completed Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (EPGDBM) program with Symbiosis Centre for Corporate Education (SCCE) under Symbiosis International Deemed University (SIDU). The program was so well crafted that it seamlessly met all corporate needs which will surely fetch professional benefits. Moreover, program has benefitted me personally to look at life with positive outlook and never give up attitude.
Special thanks to Dr. Seema Singh for guiding us though the program with constant monitoring and involvement. I am extremely grateful for her friendly approach, empathy, and great sense of parental approach which made us live the moto of SIBM “Vasudhev Kutumbakam”. Professors and entire staff made the journey memorable one.
Every batch is unique, so was ours, when we were in last lap of program, unfortunately world was hit by pandemic Covid-19. Special thanks to entire SCCE team and Professors for responding quickly to situation and imbibing the fight back culture. The seamless conduct of online classes demonstrated the commitment towards the timely completion of the program.
Attending classroom sessions took me back 14 years to golden days of engineering. Never imagined I would ever live those days again. Heartfelt thank you to SCCE for giving me an opportunity to live my student life again which allowed me gather more beautiful memories and delightful moments for lifetime.

Kaustubh Panchi

Sr Manager – Tata Motors Ltd, Pune

The SCCE EPGDBM course is very well structured and greatly insightful. We had a wonderful opportunity to re-experience classroom learning with extremely knowledgeable faculty from Symbiosis. With sufficient assignments, we were able to understand and apply the concepts practically. Also, the SCCE team was always reachable and supportive throughout the tenure of program.
Personally this course helped me develop additional perspective in enterprise knowhow. Thank you SCCE, for understanding and providing avenues for working professionals to pursue their ambitions!

Mamta Kamalakant Joshi

(CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Private Limited, Batch I, Mumbai)

I did my EPGDBM from SCCE (which was sponsored by my organization – Wipro) and I will cherish the experience forever. The classes were interactive and the professors were outstanding. What I cherish the most is the interactions I had with the faculty, the coordinators and Seema ma’am. Got to learn a lot and hopefully will be able to implement the learnings all throughout my life.

Adrija Sarkar

(Wipro Ltd. EPGDBM Workforce Management Batch VI, Pune)

I was initially quite apprehensive about approaching an executive management program, as it would have meant weekends away from family and from urgent official tasks. Barely two minutes into the induction speech from Dr. Seema Singh, all these notions were dispelled, because of the sense of warmth and affinity that emanated from the induction program. The next two years thereafter, undergoing the EPGDBM program from Symbiosis Centre of Corporate Education, were therefore in its truest sense, an experience of going to “Gurukul” for me, in that it was like a home away from home. The term “experiential learning” gained a new dimension for me, when I sat in the classrooms, entranced by the wealth of knowledge being shared with us, imparted by gurus in their respective fields. There were days when we were so captivated, that we did not even feel the need to open our notebooks, marvelling at the prospect of how learned teachers can break down enigmatic management concepts into simple fundamentals, using real-world anecdotes. The interactive nature of these classes and the camaraderie that I developed with my colleagues and teachers, have yielded such fond memories, which I shall cherish forever. It makes me feel privileged to be called a part of Symbiosis family. I am eternally grateful to the SCCE team, for enriching my personal and professional life through this program, the learnings from which, I employ almost every other day at my work and at my home!!!

Rohan Pramod Vaidya

(Wipro Ltd, EPGDBM, Batch XIV, Pune)

SCCE has been instrumental in making my dream come true – a dream which I had seen almost 15 years back while I was completing my graduation. Circumstances didn’t let me complete my MBA back then.
The whole SCCE program for corporate education has been a wonderful initiative. The curriculum was so well defined and curated specifically for us as a corporates and considering our everyday challenges – it provided us a great understanding of all that’s required for us to function well in our careers. The best part was the well-equipped faculty, handpicked from the industry itself, providing a more practical approach to solving complex issues. Will definitely recommend the program as a must do, for any professional looking at an edge to excel in their current roles and obviously with an eye to progressively develop their professional acumen.
Dr. Seema has been an inspiration to many of us and her guidance helped us get through the entire program very smoothly
Personally this course helped me develop additional perspective in enterprise knowhow. Thank you SCCE, for understanding and providing avenues for working professionals to pursue their ambitions!

Elza Prithu George

CitiusTech Healthcare Technology Private Limited, Batch I, Mumbai)

I recommend the program for all working professionals having aspiration for more challenging roles and responsibilities in organization.
Be the faculties or administration staff, the discipline and code of conduct followed here are reminiscent of our school days in every discharge of responsibilities.
Opportunities for learning are immense since faculties are scholarly and very accessible at the same time.
Knowledge sharing is encouraged within peer group of professionals which enhance the learning process.
Finally, it is up to the individual as to how much knowledge he or she can harness from this professional course.
I stayed indebted to SCCE for making me ready for life.

Mithun Chakraborty

(Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. Batch III, Pune)

It was a really great experience for me having classrooms lectures and doing assignments after so many years.
I worked earlier more on technical side and wanted to know more on business management and organizational functioning which was the reason to join EPGDBM course. This has helped me in enhancing my managerial skills to attain higher responsibilities and learned more about industrial culture and corporate environment. Knowledge about other departments has widened the spectrum through comprehensive subject learnings viz. finance/ marketing/ HR/ Economics etc.
I like the Cascades, still regularly sent by SCCE team on current affairs.
Many thanks to all faculty members / Dr. Seema Ma’am / and Symbiosis management for organising appropriate courses for the working professionals like us.

Pravin Gurudas Dhande

(Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd. Batch III, Pune)

I am glad to convey that I feel satisfying about this fact that I enrolled for EPGDBM. I did learn and at the same time could grow in my career as I was marching ahead with this program.
This is not just a course, it’s that path of career wherein one can find ways to grow and meet the career goals. This course offers great learnings and plays a vital role in setting the career path in this Management Era.
Thanks to the great team of SCCE for this effective program.

Sheena Girdhar

(Wipro Ltd, EPGDBM, Batch XV, Hyderabad)

EPGDBM was a big stepping stone for my career change from Technical to understand overall Business and its impact on economy. I can now speak up with confidence with my peers and bosses on any topic taught from Economy to Finance to Strategy to Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership etc.
It gave me a boost by increasing my General Knowledge on the various industry insights. Over the two years we have had multiple subjects and fantastic professors who gave us their Industry insights which enable us to be in line with the top management.
I feel really grateful to SCCE team, Professors, faculties and Wipro Notch up team for a wonderful experience over the duration of the course.

Abdulmajid Sabir Shaikh

(Wipro Ltd, EPGDBM, Batch XI, Pune)

EPGDBM Program from Symbiosis is overall a wonderful and amazing experience. It was a great opportunity to attend classroom sessions once again and learning a lot from it was truly an enriching experience altogether after a long time. I would like to thank all the symbiosis professors, staff etc in providing their invaluable support as I inch towards my career journey.

Supreeth Narasimha

Godrej Group (GPL) Batch XXIII, Mumbai)

EPGDBM program has definitely helped in expanding the horizon.
Being from engineering background, had limited mind set to look at the things. EPGDBM gave totally different perspective to look at the things!
Got to learn many new subjects. The knowledge of these subjects is very important in today’s competitive world.
I am thankful to SCCE & Godrej for providing me this great opportunity and it has helped in improving my own capabilities.

Mihir Vinod Salanke

(Godrej Group (GPL) Batch XXIII, Mumbai)

I applied for the Executive program (EPGDBM) from Symbiosis. Coming from an engineering background, the course gave me the unique platform and great opportunities to explore and further take on management roles in the organization.
The faculty and staff were approachable and very helpful. The lectures and tutorials were interesting, academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which was extremely useful. It was altogether fun, multicultural and a wonderful journey.

Purvahi Maini

Amdocs Development Centre India LLP, EPGDBM, Batch - VIII, Pune)

To begin with, it was a wonderful experience getting back to the basics after almost 7 years of professional experience where laptops have replaced the pen & paper.
Thanks a lot to all the professors of SCCE, Seema madam, all the support staff who constantly guided, supported & motivated us all throughout the course duration.
All the courses were designed to perfection, aimed at providing the required knowledge to the corporate participants required to stay ahead of the rest in today’s world. The professors were equipped with practical examples of all the theories which were taught, thus making the classes even more interesting & easy to relate to our (a professional’s) day to day life. Last but not the least, the two day visit to SCCE Lavale campus created memories worth cherishing for long. Thus in a nutshell whether this EPGDBM program will change my professional life or not-that only time will tell; but the impression it has left on me in terms of experience gained will be there with me for life long…again thanks a lot Team SCCE…SCCE rocks..!!

Nabarun Pal

(Godrej Group (GPL) Batch XXIII, Mumbai)

The EPGDBM course by symbiosis has been a true value addition to my career. There has been most required paradigm shift happened in thought process. The course is designed in such a way that the learning is eternal and inline with contemporary business world. The faculty’s are top class and with crisp syllabus they make best out of subject. Thank you SCCE for great help towards shaping my thought process.

Prakash Gothankar

(Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Ltd., Batch XIX, Mumbai)

Learning is an everyday process. But re-experiencing school being in a corporate is amazing. And that is what SCCE has done for me. They have taken me back to school wherein they have honed my skills in Business Management. The syllabus is practical, interesting and learning obtained invaluable. Knowing and spending time with the faculty is also an enriching experience. I am extremely honoured to be part of this program. The course – Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (EPGDBM) is a lucrative option for any person who aspires for a Business Management degree while working. Kudos to the team of SCCE for making the 2 year course an educational joyride

Krithika Subramaniam

(Godrej & Boyce EPGDBM batch XVII, Mumbai)

Confidence gives power to face challenges & that’s exactly what SCCE course gives for accelerating in corporate life. The program was extremely enlightening in many aspects, chief amongst them being up-to-date content, insightful case-studies, enthusiastic professors. It was indeed a wonderful grooming experience.

Nitee Mitra

(Godrej & Boyce EPGDBM batch XVII, Mumbai)

People get surprised when they hear us.
No one expects a comparatively junior colleague to provide ideas armed with modern management doctrines.
We listen more, analyze in parallel, think different and suggest the best. Expect nothing less when you are coached by professors of Symbiosis. The discipline, the values, the intent and most importantly the blessings of the faculty, made us a better person in every aspect!

Arpit Saxena

(Wipro Limited Notchup EPGDBM batch VII, G. Noida)

It is said that time flies & this course is yet another testimony when I experienced it yet again. It seems even better when you gain along with it. When I say gain it means for your own good being & also for society.This course gives you lot of insights & my take away from it is I no more consider myself as “Frog of the well”. I bet this is a Must DO for all working professionals & you will not find any better place than “SCCE” for the same.

Adwait Ashok Achari

(Mahindra & Mahindra EPGDBM Batch IV, Pune)

It's really great being a part of EPGDBM NotchUp Program, good learning environment and helps us to understand the business well and the Management decisions as well. The Professors are all sound in knowledge and have delivered the knowledge to us effectively. The professors get us involved in discussing current affairs and also solving many real scenario case studies. By having these kind of discussions we would get a confidence that we are going to become entrepreneurs. It has been a great experience and this course has given us a different dimension to think.

Sirisha Kumari

(Wipro Limited Notchup EPGDBM Batch V, Hyderabad)

"It has been an amazing journey with SCCE during EPGDBM. The information and knowledge I acquired is invaluable. Highly informative classes and a great educators with decades of industry experience. The curriculum, brought out the best in me and unearthed my leadership qualities. It is a wonderful learning experience. I can confidently claim that this course has given me more clarity in how I approach my thoughts, my career and my life."

Aparna Jain

(Godrej & Boyce EPGDBM batch XIX, Mumbai)

This course (EPGDBM) not only upgrades the academic knowledge levels but also gives a lot of insights to the students on the various aspects like economics (domestic and global) and social elements. To a person like me who is pursuing higher education after a gap of 20 years, this type of course is an acumen booster indeed. The kind of faculty and facilities provided by SCCE have been very systematic and student friendly such that in the span of 1.5 years, I have never felt a classroom pressure, in fact enjoyed the studying a lot.

Aditya B. P. M

(Mahindra & Mahindra EPGDBM Batch IV, Pune)

It was an immense pleasure for me to get the opportunity to learn the PGDM course in depth and thoroughly. I really get the value every time in any activity whether it is sales or project management or delivery. I think this course did not restrict us within any band, we can apply our learning to any direction. The course as a whole including exam, professors, certification was great and it carries a lot of value to me.

Arpan Biswas

(Wipro Limited Notchup EPGDBM batch VI, Kolkata)

“Doing the NotchUp program was one of the best decisions I have taken. This program helped me fulfil my desire to do a management studies without having to leave my Job. I just learn the concepts but I could also relate them with mine and my colleagues experiences and also often implement the learnings on Job. It was difficult to make work and studies go hand in hand, but it was completely worth the time and effort. Symbiosis faculties were working professionals who spoke and taught based on their life experiences . I am really proud to have been a part of the program.”

Tanisha Joseph

(Wipro Limited Notchup EPGDBM batch IV, Chennai)

I personally feel that the Executive PG Program that we underwent offered a wide range of benefits.

Ms. Sonali Hardikar

BMC Software, Pune - Batch III

It was a great n tremendous learning Experience. Excellent faculty with huge industry exposure helped us to gain knowledge in various business aspects. They widen our awareness in such a subtle way. Thanks to Godrej Management and SCCE.

Ms. Srilakshmi Nunna

(Godrej & Boyce, Mumbai – EPGDBM Batch IX)

The course was very well-designed to enable working professionals to experience a full-time MBA course. Special thanks also to the exceptional faculty. The interactions inside and outside of the class rooms added value many folds in my career. I have personally been able to make a big shift in my career.

Ms. Rajashri Juneja

(Wipro Corporation, Bangalore – EDMPM Batch V)

My Experience was excellent during this program. The entire course was truly corporate focused and all the faculty members facilitated their sessions with passion and brought lot value to the program because of their experience. I learn lot form this engagement and using it in my day to day work. The entire team of symbiosis was always reachable and supportive in execution of program.

Mr. Sunil Joshi

(Wipro Corporation, Bangalore – EDMPM Batch V)

I'd a great learning experience throughout my course and enjoyed the study thoroughly. SYMBIOSIS has highly qualified and experienced Staff crews who have real time Business and industry exposure. The curriculum was tailor made to ensure that we learn every aspect of Business in detail which added a great wealth of knowledge. This course has changed the perception on how we look into the Micro / Macroeconomic systems and Business. Along with the content, SYMBIOSIS also has world class Infrastructure and class room facilities which make the learning more fun.

Mr. Murugappan Veerappan

BMC Software, Pune - Batch III

I am a part of the first People Ambassador batch that was launched in Wipro in association with Symbiosis. This fresh-out-of college batch of 21 youngsters embarked on a wonderful journey of learning and working in Feb 2008 and from there on there was no looking back .The classes were always something that each of us looked forward to . From "focused group discussions" to "assignments ", from "competition "to "team work", from "organization behavior" to "compensation and benefits", we learnt all the HR jargon and more, but most importantly we gained new friends and mentors in the form of our professors. We worked hard, we partied harder and better... We all graduated inspite all the fun!!

Priya Muley

Wipro EPGDHRM Batch I