The Executive Post Graduate diploma programs are a series of classes focusing on both theory and practice in a particular field. We have broad range of areas such as General Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Sales & Distribution Management and Operations Management.

The programme tends to focus more on practical aspects along with theoretical concepts. In addition to the lectures, most programs make use of real case studies/discussion intensively. The curricula tend to be a lot more practical, providing ready-to-use skills at your work place.

All Executive Post Graduate Diplomas in Management in each of the functional areas will provide a comprehensive exploration of the issues of management in a more global business perspective.

We offer EPGDBM (Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management) or an Executive Post Graduate Diploma in a particular functional area to various Corporates after assessing the specific needs of the corporate and the aim is to streamline the employees through high-quality professional development programs and services. These programmes once designed can be delivered in-house as well as on campus depending upon the requirement of the Corporate.

  • These Diploma Programs are of a duration of about 300 hours.
  • They are proper formal education programmes recognized under the Symbiosis International (Deemed University).

We've chosen faculty with practical expertise and sound business instincts as well as strong academic credentials. We've built a series of courses based on input from the industry to match the requirements of the industry.